AAT Kings travel company unveils “Wild Awaits” via Thinkerbell

As the country reopens, the travel industry is ripe for a renewed and reinvigorated approach to travel. AAT Kings is delighted to kick off the rebound with the launch of its ‘Wild Awaits’ campaign, which focuses on awakening the senses of travelers and enriching the enjoyment of Australia and New Zealand. .

AAT Kings’ 100+ year story is one of adventure, filled with pioneering characters, passionate storytellers, cultural connections and pushing boundaries to create remarkable experiences. It was this backstory that informed the new management of AAT Kings. The striking digital and print creation delves into the multisensory stimulation, wilderness and lively adventure that a vacation with AAT Kings offers.

Developed by creative agency Thinkerbell, “Wild Awaits” focuses on the places, stories and tastes of Australia and New Zealand. From the landscapes of the trip to the food and drink that immerses guests in the destination, to the stories of the locals and the unexpected experiences on offer, AAT Kings invites guests to embark on a new adventure.

Thinkerbell worked alongside AAT Kings internal marketing, web and design teams in a collaborative process to bring the new brand positioning to life through creative assets, brand identity and content. . The “Wild Awaits” campaign will launch in consumer media, signage, social media and BVOD starting October 25.

Bridie Commerford, Director of Marketing at AAT Kings, said: “Today’s travelers are freedom seekers and knowledge collectors, and their thirst for space and connection with nature, people and culture. has never been so strong. Knowledge and accessibility are essential to discover so many remarkable and remote experiences across Australia and New Zealand. ‘Wild Awaits’ brings AAT Kings’ more than 100 year commitment to uncovering these extraordinary places, stories and moments so our guests can continue their spirit of adventure. This is not just a communication strategy, but a philosophy embodied by our employees and local partners, who invite guests to join us for a totally immersive experience off the beaten track at a time when they probably need it the most. “

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