Are you going to Germany? Take the 9 euro travel pass


A new travel pass in Germany will help you use public transport and cut costs when exploring the country

Good news for all travelers to Germany this summer: a €9 travel pass is now available to help you get the most out of your travel budget.

The German federal government has approved this monthly public transport pass to mitigate the effects of inflation and encourage public transport use in the face of rapidly rising energy and fuel prices. gas.

Get your €9
ticket is very simple: you can pre-book it via DB NavigatorApp (the official application of the railway company Deutsche Bahn [DB]) or online, as well as buying it on the websites and apps of the various regional transport companies such as BVG in Berlin and SSB in Munich. Tickets can also be purchased at DB ticket machines and customer centers nationwide. All tickets are valid throughout Germany, no matter where you buy them.

The specially priced monthly ticket can be used from June until August 31, 2022, on all forms of public transport – buses, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams and local and regional trains. It offers unlimited use on these throughout Germany.

The ticket is non-transferable and compulsory for anyone over the age of six. Children under six can travel for free.

germany new euro pass

The pass does not include travel on long-distance trains such as IC or ICE trains, or private company transport options such as the popular Flixbus and Flixtrain.

Also keep in mind that the ticket is valid for one calendar month and not from the date of purchase.

The pass has been widely accepted and thousands have been purchased (DB will add more trains to meet projected demand). Getting a pass makes sense because traveling in Germany can be relatively expensive, and this pass would be worth its price in just one day in a big city like Berlin.

The downside is that, as regional trains can be slow, traveling from one side of Germany to the other can take almost a day, which is difficult when you have a limited number of days off. Savvy travelers recommend paying for high-speed trains between major cities, then using the €9 ticket to explore each on your own. It’s also great for making short forays out of town at no extra cost.

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