Delhi Slum Walking Tour: Travel agency offering slum walking tour in Delhi for Rs 1,200. Furious netizens


A tour company’s walking tour of a slum has created huge controversy in India.

Tripadvisor has launched a “New Delhi Slum Walking Tour” which aims to show the life of the poor. Those who are interested must pay Rs 1,200.

“Our friendliest and most popular tour takes you to one of the largest slums in Asia where you see another hope and another light in this beautiful world. Walk with us and learn about life, daily activities in courtyards, small businesses, the market inside the slum, trains passing every ten minutes, chapati factory and much more in its unique way of exploring,” reads the Tripadvisor page for the tour.

“Venture off the beaten track on this unique 3-hour walking tour of Sanjay Settlement and gain insight into life in a Delhi slum. Learn about the struggles of some of Delhi’s poorest residents and learn the rich culture and sense of community that has emerged among the residents. This small-group tour has a maximum of six people, ensuring a respectful and non-intrusive visit,” he added.

According to the page, the New Delhi slum walking tour itinerary includes:

  • Visit of small industries and small residences.
  • Discover the chicken market which is mainly a source of income.
  • Visit of the chapati factory where every day more than 8000 chapati are delivered in the city.
  • Taste a cup of tea and share your impressions with us.

The tour package was first shared by a reporter earlier this month and then it was priced at Rs 1,800.

Some called the tour poverty tourism while others called it poverty porn.

Incidentally, there is also a Dharavi slum tour on Viator for Rs 653. Tripadvisor also offers a Dharavi tour.

Here is the link of the Delhi slum walking tour offered by Tripadvisor:

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