Expedia Super Bowl Commercial Video: Review travel agency ad featuring Ewan McGregor

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and even with strong vaccination efforts, there is still an unknown as to how this situation will end. Many countries, including the United States, have adopted more measures aimed at living with the COVID-19 virus rather than eliminating it. With these measures, people have the opportunity to really get out of their homes and explore the world. Expedia is trying to fulfill that desire with Star Wars star Ewan McGregor as a spokesperson.

Expedia superbowl Commercial LVI

Let’s not act like consumers aren’t “stuff,” as the ad calls it. Don’t think for a second that people aren’t in a rush to get the latest smartphone, the coolest car, the best TV, or the newest game console. The range of fragrances just seemed unnecessary, but I imagine there are enough people excited about the latest fragrances on the market.

And while the majority of people haven’t been on a world tour, it’s not like travel has come to a complete halt. With remote working, cheap flights, and less airport congestion, many people have taken trips with the proper COVID-19 measures. It doesn’t even appear that Expedia is offering any sort of promotion or giveaway, so what exactly is drawing people to the site here? McGregor’s accent can’t do it all.

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