Forbes travel guide to early luxury cruise reviews

Today, the 63-year-old hotel company is branching out into another vertical: luxury cruises. FTG will launch its first Star Rating awards in 2023 for select ocean and river cruise ships.

“Cruising serves the same purposes as the best hotels and resorts in the world,” says Filip Boyen, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide. “Similarly, FTG’s star rating standards for cruise ships emphasize the customer service experience, while capturing the quality of facilities, just as we do with hotels, restaurants and resorts. hot tubs.”


Veranda Suite aboard the Silver Muse at Silversea

Starting with Mobil Travel Guide in 1958, the company created the first five-star rating system in the United States. Its longstanding hotel, restaurant and spa ratings highlight the best – there are nearly 2,000 properties in 72 countries with a Forbes Travel Guide Star rating – and now the company is looking to help travelers choose the best cruise experiences in the world.

The cruise represents the first addition to FTG’s star rating system since adding spas in 2004. The company’s inspectors will depart in early 2022 to prepare for the first star rating reveal in 2023.

As part of FTG’s rigorous evaluation process, a team of highly trained, incognito inspectors tests up to 676 objective and stringent standards, from modern luxury, such as whether a cabin is configured to improve sleep with a high quality and practical equipment. blackout functionality, as well as passenger well-being by providing services that address dietary choices, hydration and exercise. Traditional cruise activities, such as the quality of shore excursions, entertainment, and even the passenger berthing and tendering experience, are examined from a passenger experience perspective.

Ratings weigh heavily on service – it accounts for 75% of a score, while 25% is determined by the quality of facilities. Standards focus on courtesy, thoughtfulness and personal service, but a strong sense of luxury must also be present.

“Whether you’re embarking on a cruise, checking into a hotel, dining in a restaurant or relaxing in a spa, your experience goes beyond appearance: what the staff makes you feel is what you’ll remember the longest after you get home,” Boyen says. .

VIKING CRUISESpjimage(82).jpg

Viking Cruises in Greiranger, Norway

FTG offers three categories of awards: the Five Star designation, one of the toughest and most prestigious hospitality awards in the world, for exceptional ships offering virtually flawless service and world-class facilities and experiences; the four-star rating indicates a ship and crew with exceptional service and the quality of facilities to match; and Recommended ships are excellent with consistently high quality services and facilities.

The announcement of FTG’s first luxury cruise star rating comes at a time when travel continues to open up at home and abroad. “There’s a lot of pent-up demand for travel, and people are finally looking to take those hard-earned trips and once-in-a-lifetime vacations,” Boyen says. “Forbes Travel Guide will be there to help them navigate the overwhelming options and find an unforgettable luxury cruise.”

FTG has pre-approved several ocean and river vessels for evaluation starting next year. If you would like to learn more or be approved for future evaluation, contact Lourdes Hainlin, Vice President, Partner Services, at [email protected]. For media inquiries, email [email protected].


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