Former UM basketball star and 2014 Miss Michigan launch personal travel guide


Jordan Morgan and KT Maviglia-Morgan, recent TechTown Start Studio Award winners for their online travel guide, on a gondola in Venice. // Courtesy of On Arrival

Former University of Michigan basketball captain Jordan Morgan and his wife, KT Maviglia-Morgan, Miss Michigan 2014, won first place in the TechTown Start Studio Award for their personal online travel guide, On Arrival.

Morgan, who has played with nine professional basketball teams in six countries, and Maviglia-Morgan, started the company out of their shared love of travel. On Arrival offers personalized guides for nearly every major city in the country, as well as popular destinations overseas.

“We take orders for any city,” says Morgan. “We have produced guides for Paris, Venice, Tahiti and even for vacationers from Cheboygan and northern Michigan. Our goal is to help people love traveling more and worry less about it.

The website is tailored to each traveler by identifying their destination and certain travel details such as reason for travel, location, types of places to visit and places to eat. Guides come in standard or deluxe size and include 10 and 20 recommendations respectively. A standard guide costs $20 and a deluxe guide costs $40.

Morgan says every travel experience is unique for the specific traveler, so the service offers as many questions as possible to understand the customer and what they want from their trip. Upon arrival takes into account cuisine, atmosphere, attractions and beverage preferences.

Maviglia-Morgan noted one aspect that many others don’t think about is distance. “You can get a long list of recommendations for a city like Paris, but how far are you willing to travel? Many of these recommendations may not be suitable for your trip.

On Arrival pushes its customers to plan their trip once they have their guidebook, and the website provides everything they need, such as photos, reviews, booking links, tickets, and even ratings. Personal Jordan and KT.

The couple, who recently returned home to Michigan after living in Venice, Italy while Morgan plays Umana Reyer Venezia, hope the service will help their fellow travelers embrace new cultures and experiences.

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