From a travel hobby to a highly profitable travel agency


Kingston, Jamaica, July 22. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Exclusive Travel Group Limited is a Jamaican-registered and IATA-certified parent company of one of the Caribbean’s leading travel agencies; Exclusive travel offers. It is the company’s travel subsidiary that offers everything travel-related, including flights, hotels, villas, Airbnb, and more. worldwide, as well as exclusive adventure offers; the company’s excursion subsidiary that offers exciting adventures and activities for local and international customers.

The company launched operations just over a year ago in 2021 by founder and CEO Jerome Tomlinson. Mr. Tomlinson is an avid traveler and holds an honorary bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business from the Jamaica University of Technology. This has allowed him, along with his love and passion for travel, to steer his travel hobby towards the rapid success, growth and recognition the business has received in this short time. The company has also hired several other people to fill the positions of customer service/reservation agents, social media manager and travel influencers/ambassadors.

The company’s operations began through its main subsidiary, Exclusive Travel deals and despite the global pandemic, the company operated successfully and the business grew steadily as the company recorded substantial profits over the course of its first month of operation. A few months later, they expanded their services internationally by offering flights and hotel rooms to destinations in the Caribbean and the United States, with the most booked travel destinations being Panama City and Punta Cana in Dominican Republic.

The Exclusive Adventure Deals subsidiary was launched a few months later in the year when the team was able to partner directly with the various adventure parks on the island. It offers the most exclusive offers for its customers to enjoy and create unforgettable experiences, whether through mountain bike adventures, ziplining through the mountains, horseback riding, rafting on the blue lagoon or swimming with dolphins. The company has grown into quite a successful business, allowing locals and travelers from all over the world to book and experience exciting adventures in Jamaica while on vacation.

As part of their short-term goal, at the end of this year, they will add Caribbean and Europe cruises to their travel package offerings and visa application/renewal services to their customers. An exclusive travel app is also in the works, so their customers can expect it soon. As part of Mr. Tomlinson’s social responsibility and philanthropic plans, the company will launch the Exclusive Travel Foundation later this year, which aims to provide a few lucky families who have never had the chance to experience of a trip or vacation with an all-expenses- paid vacation plus other charitable donations throughout the next year.

Within the Exclusive Travel group of companies, clients are sure to discover a getaway tailored to their needs from their pre-planned vacation packages or a personalized getaway planned to perfection. Their experienced staff of reservation agents are readily available to assist them.

Exclusive Travel Deals specializes in providing unique experiences that will create unforgettable memories. It offers its expertise in the following areas:

• Personalized trips

Travel is different for everyone. The company wants to make sure its customers get the most out of their trip by designing dream vacations that are just right for them.

• Incredible details and service

The company is always available and ready to help with any issues. Their team will always be available to ensure that the client’s journey is not interrupted.

Travel services

Whether people are looking for a cruise, airfare, accommodation, or the whole package, they have their customers covered. The team works directly with other companies to get the best deals.

• Satisfaction guaranteed

While working with Exclusive Travel Group Ltd, the team want their customers to be delighted with the experience.

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