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A long-time international adventure company calls St. Louis home. Well, sort of.

Founded in 2000, Fit 4 Adventure is a travel services company that takes adventure tourists across the United States and around the world to enjoy everything from hiking excursions in Bryce Canyon, Utah, to biking tours on the island of Majorca/Majorca, Spain, at the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts.


Photo courtesy of Fit 4 Adventure

In February 2022, the company announced that it had been acquired by a partnership formed between three of its employees – two of whom live in the metropolitan area. But for the new owners, the “house” is in the wild.

“It would be difficult to run a home office when we’re never home,” says Joe Dann, a Clayton resident and new co-owner alongside Nick Tilley of St. Louis and Kris Corbett, who lives in Graham, Aus. Texas. “We’re an online business with remote workers, which means wherever we are in the country or around the world, we can stay on top of business and be responsive to customers.”

Since 2015, Fit 4 Adventure has operated entirely online – “no bricks, no borders”, as Dann puts it. Although most of the company’s customers live in Dallas – where Fit 4 Adventure was born as Golden Adventures – the minds behind the new partnership are thinking bigger.

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Photo courtesy of Fit 4 Adventure

“As part of the new partnership, we are expanding our reach starting in the St. Louis area,” says Dann. “It seems like our multi-sport adventures are getting a lot of attention right now, like Costa Rica, Iceland, Guatemala, Patagonia, Alaska and Mallorca. Our multi-sport vacations offer a taste of everything the destination has to offer, and every day offers a different active adventure.

The acquisition and expansion came at a time when Americans are feeling particularly restless. At the end of 2021, the online travel service Expedia has released its 2022 Travel Trends Report, who found that this year, travelers are looking for excitement and euphoria. In other words, people want to go big.

“We are all ready to come out of isolation and start traveling and exploring again,” adds Dann. “I was on the phone with a longtime customer this week, and she talked about how much she missed seeing new places and meeting new friends on our travels.”


Photo courtesy of Fit 4 Adventure

Statistics show nearly half of travelers consider using an advisor after the pandemic. Who better to trust than the people who know the way best? Dann himself has accumulated over 12 years at Fit 4 Adventure, and with the world (hopefully) returning to some semblance of normality, the travel industry is in a good position to help people get out and get the most of their travels.

“We went,” Dann said. “We spotted and checked. We have tasted and tested. We know what to pack and how to prepare. We have trusted friends and partners in each of our destinations, and that can help things run more smoothly.

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