How long will it take to get better credit?

Lenders use your credit report and credit score to help them determine how much to lend and at what interest rate. This credit report is derived from your credit history – an algorithm of your past credit usage (including the amount of credit you have, the quality of your repayment, and the credit mix you have access to, among others) .

Since your credit report and credit score are ultimately derived from your credit history, the question you should ask yourself is, “How long will it take to get better credit?” Or in other words, “How many new history do I need to build to get a healthier credit report that will be reflected in my credit score?” “

The answer is not simple, although I will try to give you some guidelines.

How quickly your credit improves depends on the information in your credit report. For example:

  • If there is a lot of incorrect information, you can dispute it, have it deleted, and you can see an increase in your credit score in just a month or two. (You can go here to learn more about writing a protest letter to credit bureaus.)

  • If you have a long history of late payments and bankruptcy, you may find that it takes longer to significantly improve your credit score.

Ultimately, credit scores go up when you do the following:

  1. Get your credit reports and make sure the information is as accurate as possible. (You can retrieve your credit reports for free every year at and view two of your free credit scores, updated every 14 days, on

  2. Maintain good credit habits by paying off your debt regularly and on time, and maintaining a good credit mix.

  3. Until some of your old negative credit information disappears from your report.

That’s it – it’s surprisingly simple. The problem is, people don’t always have the due diligence to stick to the work of # 1 and # 2, and they don’t have the patience to wait for # 2 and # 3. But the truth is, it takes work and patience, and the longer you apply these two things, the better your credit will be.

You can start to see your credit report go up quite quickly. If you are starting out with a very low credit score, it may take a while, maybe even a few years, for your credit to improve. This makes it difficult for people to make positive changes because it can seem so easy to prolong your bad credit habits for a day or two longer. It’s hard to maintain good credit habits for months on end when you may not see immediate results.

But the results will come! You should start to see results in just a few months (especially if there have been some mistakes), and within a year of perfect credit habits you will likely see dramatic improvement … and in a few years you may have a stellar credit. Back then it might seem like an eternity, but you’ll look back at the end and find it happened quickly and was worth it!

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