How to Use Al Hosn Travel Pass in EU Countries


Dubai: If you thought you only needed the Al Hosn app to access places and facilities in the United Arab Emirates, think again. The Al Hosn App Travel Pass can be used by residents of the United Arab Emirates for easy travel within European Union (EU) countries as well as those that accept the International Air Transport Association Travel Pass (IATA).

So if you’re traveling abroad and need to show your COVID-19 vaccination certificate or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result, here’s everything you need to know about the Al Hosn Travel Pass, where it is accepted and how to access it. on the Al Hosn app.

Where can I use the Al Hosn Travel Pass?

Al Hosn travel pass is accepted by all EU member countries DCC (European Union Digital COVID Certificate Regulation) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) travel pass members.

In the EU, the digital COVID certificate is accepted in all member countries for travel and health purposes, as digital proof that a person is vaccinated, tested negative or has recently recovered from COVID-19. One of the main features of the certificate is that it has a QR code. In December 2021, upgrades to the Al Hosn system ensured that the Al Hosn Travel Pass is recognized as equivalent to EU DCC certificates.

For UAE residents, this also means that a PCR test taken anywhere in the UAE and a vaccine received in the UAE are recognized as valid documents for travel purposes.

How Al Hosn app generates and displays your health record.
Image Credit: Screenshot of Al Hosn app

What is the IATA Travel Pass?

Upgrades to the Al Hosn system also meant vaccine and test records were linked to the IATA Travel Pass, which is a smartphone app that helps travelers store and manage their verified certifications for COVID tests or vaccinations. -19. Two airlines in the United Arab Emirates that currently use the IATA Travel Pass system are Emirates and Etihad.

Emirates worked with the Al Hosn National Health System team to enable readability and recognition of customer health credentials with EU verified QR codes, including COVID-19 vaccine status. 19 and PCR test results, on the IATA Travel Pass.

For a full explainer on the IATA Travel Pass, read here to learn more.

So, if you’re traveling to the EU, here’s what you need to do to get your vaccine and PCR test result recognised:

• Emirates customers must download the IATA Travel Pass.

• Next, scan the Travel Pass QR code from the Al Hosn app and load the results into the app.

What is the Al Hosn Travel Pass for?

Using the app, you can enter public places, hospitality and entertainment venues and events that require proof of negative test results or vaccinations in the EU.

You won’t have to worry about going to specific COVID-19 test labs, or downloading multiple apps to prove your vaccination status and negative result, and also filling out additional paperwork.

How to add the Travel Pass on the Al Hosn app

1. Free download the app from Apple App Store, Google Play, Huawei App Gallery or Galaxy Store. The app is currently available in Arabic, English and Hindi.

2. Register and authenticate as a user by entering your Emirates ID and mobile number followed by the OTP sent to your phone.

3. After that, you will be presented with two categories: visitor and UAE national/resident.

4. Tap UAE National/Resident.

5. You will then come to the Al Hosn App Pass page, which displays your status, your unique personal QR code, your vaccine dose and reminder, and your previous COVID-19 test results.

6. After that, swipe right and tap “Add Pass”.

7. You will be presented with four categories:

  • Expo 2020 Pass
  • Green Pass (required to enter Abu Dhabi border and public places)
  • Travel Pass – Test Result
  • Passport – Vaccination

8. Tap on your preferred category if it is – ‘Travel Pass – Vaccination’. The app will automatically add the “Travel Pass – Vaccination” because the Al Hosn app has already recorded your vaccination status on the app.

The ‘Travel Pass – Test Result’ is only issued if you have had a negative PCR test result within the last 72 hours.

How can I maintain a “green status” on the Al Hosn travel pass?

Just as you must maintain green status on the Al Hosn app to access certain public places and facilities in the UAE, the Travel Pass also has a color coding system – green and grey.

A green status means your Travel Pass is valid. A “grey status” means that the Travel Pass is not valid for travel purposes.

How to get green status

You must have been vaccinated and:

– Received at least one injection of the COVID-19 vaccine in the UAE,

– For Emirati citizens, be fully vaccinated and receive a booster dose on time ( 10-1.1641042016457).

When does the status turn gray

The Al Hosn travel pass will show a gray status if your vaccination status has expired – meaning it’s been 365 days since your last COVID-19 vaccination taken in the UAE.

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