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How about traveling on a train and waiting long hours to reach the destination? Isn’t it a time-consuming and very complicated means of transport? However, traveling by plane has many advantages and features that an ordinary person might not know about. Many people limit themselves to choosing the plane to travel because they have a bad perception of the increase in airfares.

Whether you are planning a solo trip or a family vacation, it is essential to choose the travel agency or platform that offers unique solutions. Many flight booking portals are working in the market, but they are complicated for users. Additionally, many of them have a long and confusing process of ticket rescheduling, high convenience fees, cancellation process and refund requests.

Today, Bhartiya Airways is a travel agency that has established itself as a comprehensive solution provider for travel-related issues. Every travel agency has a motto, to provide the best facilities and assistance to its users and Bhartiya Airways is one of them.

If we talk about the journey of Bhartiya Airways, it was not a track as it involved extensive efforts, research and smart work in building this platform. The establishment of the company took place in 2018 after a marathon study, analysis and ability to solve customer problems. Bhartiya Airways aims to provide comprehensive solutions for passengers, including cheap flight booking, international flights, domestic flights, hotel bookings, tour packages, etc.

While almost every business has acquired a digital space, the travel industry has seen a great leap after digitization. Bhartiya Airways also understood the importance of online travel business and decided to make people’s lives easier. The vacation and tour packages available on various online travel websites are complex and expensive. With Bhartiya Airways, users can explore cost-effective travel packages, flight bookings, hotel bookings and other travel services at their fingertips.

Now meet Bhagvanta Singh, the energetic founder and CEO of Bhartiya Airways. Bhagvanta Singh is an avid traveler and a frequent passenger on flights. He therefore knew the difficulties and problems faced by travelers when booking flights.

India’s fastest elevating flight booking platform starts with a hassle-free approach. Bhagvanta Singh faced many challenges while developing the platform, but he never gives up.

Being a regular passenger, traveling to different parts of the country and abroad is part of Bhagvanta Singh’s routine. One day he had to cancel the flight for some reason. After canceling the flight, when he turned to get help from a renowned travel agency portal from where he had booked the flight, they did not provide satisfactory solutions. After continuous follow-ups and complaints, he finally managed to get a refund after deducting an extremely high convenience fee. This horrible experience made him think about the common man’s problem and he decided to create a platform without such harassment from users. He thought he would create a travel booking site, which would be entirely dedicated to customer needs, and customer satisfaction would always be the platform’s priority.

What is the mission and vision of Bhartiya Airways

Bhartiya Airways aims to provide a simple and affordable travel experience to all passengers and travelers through the latest technologies. We ensure to provide world class flight booking services and low cost travel and hotel booking services with maximum facilities.

We have a long-term goal to expand our services and provide hassle-free travel exploration at pan-Indian level. Our dedicated team and technical expertise will reach this pinnacle of success

What is Bhartiya Airways and how does it work

Bhartiya Airways is an emerging travel company that offers flight reservations, hotel reservations and tour packages. Bhartiya Airways is constantly improving user experience to provide customers with the best quality and environment.

It is a simple platform for booking flights and other travel-related services. Customers can immediately explore the site and choose their destination.

What sets Bhartiya Airways apart from the competition

Bhartiya Airways has only one mission statement: “To save effort, money, time and provide superior services to travellers”. This shows up in our reservation system and other aspects of our business. We ensure that each user receives the following:

Cheapest plane tickets: Bhartiya Airways offers the cheapest flight booking services to its customers. Therefore, most of the passengers prefer our flight booking platform for cheap flight tickets.

Hassle-free refund: There is no hassle in applying for a refund as we process the refund of the passenger’s money within 7 working days.

Easy ticket cancellation: Passengers can cancel their ticket at any time (up to before 2 hours of departure) In addition, we provide ticket cancellation protection services that guarantee 100% money refund in case of ticket canceled by the airlines or by the passenger himself.

One-click booking: Unlike other flight booking platforms, Bhartiya Airways offers one-click flight booking solutions to all users. No one has to navigate the complex procedure of booking airline tickets.

Earn cash back and discounts: Users can enjoy great cash back, discounts and reward points when booking flights from time to time.

Quick support: Our customer support team is fully dedicated to customers. We are always ready to resolve your query in seconds.

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