Interoperability: connecting health and travel map applications


Recovery and the sustainable future of travel

Technology and app interoperability to provide secure, trusted and authentic health, legal and travel information about the traveler and their destination is an important part of restoring a resilient travel and tourism economy.

Governments around the world have developed apps and processes that have evolved into digital hubs, providing local authorities with the ability to host up-to-date information about a traveler’s status so the majority can get around conveniently. seamlessly through border crossings and access transportation and hospitality services. The travel, tourism and transport industries have also embraced technical solutions to facilitate airline access and move the passenger smoothly through the check-in process, and they are working to expand these digital environments. to connect to other services.

The combination of several types of online forms, health applications, biometrics and digital IDs has created a unique need for interoperability between these applications so that the frequent traveler is not overwhelmed by their complexity.

Electronic Travel Visa Authorizations, used in the United States (ESTA), Canada (ETA), Australia and New Zealand, are being adopted by many countries, including the United Kingdom (UPT), which will require anyone wishing to travel to request authorization before the trip. with the respective country. These online applications will collect information, assess the risk of the individual traveler and pre-approve their right to enter the country.

The combination of multiple types of online forms, health applications, biometric data and digital IDs has created a unique need for interoperability between these applications so that the frequent traveler is not overwhelmed by their complexity. The travel and tourism industry is concerned that regular travelers or traditional travel spenders – families, older travelers and retirees – may find the rules and processes too difficult, creating fear of making a mistake and being stuck far away. from their house.

Solutions were needed for this potentially chaotic technological and logistical problem. So, starting in Winter 2020, the World Travel & Tourism Council, Trust Over IP Foundation, Good Health Pass Collaborative, and industry associations began holding regular brainstorming/sharing meetings. information bringing together the travel and tourism industry, public health, technology companies and governments to focus on the interoperability and standardization of the technology being developed. This global effort has pushed traditional competitors to work together for the good of the global travel and tourism industry.

Last year, Health Care Services International Inc. (Novus Health/Travel Navigator) was one of many international organizations to participate in weekly meetings to organize the response to the global need to integrate and connect running applications development to manage safe and healthy travel. We were one of the first to develop two different prototypes in partnership with a UK company and a Canadian company that had developed secure biometric identification systems trusted by government agencies. A truly interoperable mobile application has been developed within our Duty of Care mobile application incorporating user-controlled biometric data and a secure ID wallet, with the ability to securely upload and share medical/ approved test sites with approved and authorized requesting organizations.

Using technology to help customers and industries

The digitalization of travel, gateway, transportation and hospitality will continue to grow, with more apps being developed to ease the burden on the traveler and the businesses that serve them. The pandemic has not only accelerated the development of apps to manage health, it has also identified the need to create seamless, contactless, private and secure interoperable mechanisms to connect those same apps.

How will this affect us in our industry? Having a simple and seamless technology solution that enables and encourages travel will help kick-start global travel. The insurance industry will also be able to benefit from this rise in health pass technology and the interoperability of health information hosted in these applications. Travel insurance and travel health care providers will be able to check the health status of a potential policyholder with permission and see if they comply with vaccination or testing rules drawn up by destinations.

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