Japanese Resort Travel Company Offers Exciting “Revenge” Graduation Trips

I never had the chance to celebrate your big win? Now you can, in style.

It’s an understatement to say that many plans have been canceled as a result of the pandemic, and that means huge milestones have been a little disappointing for some. That’s why Hoshino Resorts offers Graduation Trip Revenge Plans at Hoshino Resorts locations across Japan. There are many different plans offered in Japan (sorry for those who wanted to go to Korea!), and each has its own advantages and strengths that you can take advantage of, whether you’re a high school graduate, college graduate, etc.

the Plan Kyoto Beppin (Beauty) in Kyoto, for example, offers a beauty makeover experience and features amenities from Kyoto’s famous oil blotting paper brand Yoja. It also offers kimono rental services. so you can feel like the pretty princess you are around Kyoto.

▼ Do you have a beauty-obsessed friend? Bring them!

the Local line plans in Asahikawa in Hokkaido and Otsuka in Tokyo is ideal for train lovers, as it gives you the opportunity to ride cute local trains, visit popular restaurants, take Polaroids using photo props with friends, solve puzzlesand more.

▼ This cute yellow train is one of Tokyo’s Toden Arakawa streetcars.

A particularly interesting plan is titled “Graduation trip plan with essentially no time for sleep”. designed for those who want to enjoy every minute away from home. It offers board games, midnight snacks, a super cool fan that simulates splashing cold water on your faceand more.

▼ “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” you can shout into this fan with your friends.

As for region-specific plans, there is the Nebuta Graduation Plan which takes place in Aomori Prefecture. It is designed to mimic the atmosphere of the Nebuta Festival which takes place every fall and features tons of huge elaborate floats.

▼ Of course, there are plenty of photo ops.

Some highlights of the plan include visiting popular photo spots, gift certificates to try local sake and snacks, and Okayu rice porridge room service if you want to sleep the next day.

▼ Sake is for those of drinking age, of course!

And for those who just want to see and experience beautiful natural sites, there is also a plan for that. the Beautiful landscape photo plan is located on Iriomote Island of Okinawa. You will also receive a free reusable water bottle and a huge photo of your choice to hang on your wall!

▼ The tropical island is known for its beautiful jungles and mangrove forests.

Many other plans are offered for people in their twenties, those traveling with family, those who want a taste of luxury, those who want to enjoy winter sports, etc. Each plan starts and ends at a different time (some as late as June 2022), with full details available on the Hoshino Resorts webpage.

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