JetBlue wants to be seen as a travel company, dropping fares to $ 31

  • JetBlue adds airline and cruise packages to its JetBlue Vacations line of travel products.
  • Customers will also be encouraged to book JetBlue flights directly through its website for additional perks that online travel agents can offer.
  • A new “monster sale” will drop fares to $ 31 on 31 routes across the United States.

JetBlue Airways wants to sell vacationers more than their flights, it wants to sell them their entire vacation.

JetBlue Vacations, the platform through which travelers can book aircraft, hotel and car rental packages, has just added cruises to its lineup. The goal is to maximize the simplicity of the vacation planning process by allowing travelers to keep more of their bookings under one roof, and to provide the benefits and protections that come with booking directly with a travel agent. airline company.

Travelers can book airline and cruise packages through JetBlue for three lines: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line, with plans to expand this list soon.

Encouraging cruise lines to book with JetBlue is a new “plane-to-port commitment” where JetBlue will guard against travel disruption due to delayed or canceled flights. If a JetBlue flight is responsible for a traveler missing their cruise departure, JetBlue will transport them to the next port of call.

JetBlue will also help pay for an entirely new vacation if travelers decide they don’t want to continue their cruise package in the event of a delayed or canceled flight. Up to 150% of what customers originally paid will be applied to new vacations.

“If something doesn’t quite go as planned, we’ll find a way to heal you, whether that’s putting it on a slightly different route, or if that doesn’t work, finding a solution,” Andres Barry, President of JetBlue Travel Products, briefed Insider on the travel protections offered by JetBlue. “May be [that means] even take a different kind of vacation, but something that we can fully serve.

Other options include booking flights and the cruise for a later date and paying only the difference in the price of the package.

The addition of cruise packages not only marks a new JetBlue offering, but also a bigger change to encourage travelers to book directly with their airlines, as opposed to online travel agencies, or OTA for short.

JetBlue’s latest move aims to get travelers to book directly through its website, which it says will provide the best price and be the most informative about its various fare rules, as well as keep travelers up to date on delays, cancellations and schedule changes.

Customers find themselves with more choice when booking with JetBlue than ever before, including its base Mint Economy and Business Class fares. And the airline says the intricacies of each fare aren’t always properly conveyed when booking with an OTA.

“The great, great, great majority of the time the customer shows up and does not realize that he has no seat and that he is scattered around the plane or in the back of the plane in the middle seat, is almost always booked through another OTA or travel agent, ”Dave Clark, vice president of sales and revenue management, JetBlue told Insider.

The direct buy strategy promotion is a Halloween-themed “Monster Sale”, where prices on 31 routes will drop to $ 31. Fares, which will be featured on routes such as New York-Denver, Boston-Miami, and Chicago-Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are only available for booking on the JetBlue website.

“Being able to get a lower fare on for overall customers is the number one benefit,” Clark said of the push for more direct bookings.

The direct purchase model will also benefit JetBlue Travel Products, as website prompts encourage passengers to book vacation packages, with incentives such as free early boarding, a free alcoholic drink on the plane and a customer service that only the airline can provide for its flights.

And if travelers don’t opt ​​for a vacation package or just don’t want to consolidate their bookings, another new JetBlue travel product, Paisly, can help make self-sufficient hotel and car rental arrangements. Paisly rolled out in May, and travelers who make new JetBlue bookings receive an email immediately after their confirmation email.

“We see this as an opportunity to deepen our relationships with customers and we believe we can serve them better if we have visibility throughout their journey,” Barry said, adding that JetBlue Vacations platforms and Paisly are “light” ways to add new sources of income.

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