Launch of group adventure travel company WeRoad


Group Adventure Travel Agency, WeRoadwas officially launched in the UK, taking small groups of solo travelers around the world

Italian group adventure travel provider WeRoad is dedicated to the millennial solo traveler market and has now arrived in the UK. The company currently offers trips to all continents of the world, including Costa Rica, Bali, Tanzania and Sri Lanka, for a deposit of just £1.

The company was launched in Italy in 2017 and organizes adventure trips around the world, for like-minded millennials that match their age range. All trips are led by a ‘Travel Coordinator‘, of which there are 700. They manage itineraries and relations with local partners, boost the atmosphere during long transfers and create memorable moments for travelers.

When booking, customers choose a “travel vibe” that best suits their personality from a variety of itineraries such as landmarks and history; nature and adventure; beach’n’chill; culture and urban life; party and nightlife.

Itineraries include road trips in Iceland, beach excursions in Bali and the search for the Big Five in Tanzania’s Serengeti.

The launch coincides with the announcement that most UK travel restrictions have been lifted.

Co-founder of WeRoad, Erika De Santi, said: “Planning trips with friends can be daunting. Itineraries don’t always match, budgets can differ, and travel tastes can also clash. While some wish to hike the Inca Trail, friends may wish to relax and unwind on a beach in Corfu etc. we spear WeRoad.

WeI’m delighted to be in the UK, it has one of the most active traveler communities in the world and we I can’t wait to see more WeRoaders take the trips of a lifetime. Our trip coordinators really do WeRoad stand out from the crowd. Each coordinator is hand-picked by our team to ensure suitability and then put through their paces in an intense bootcamp, where not only do they learn all the tricks of the trade, but also how to be the best travel companion to offer WeRoaders the best trip. experience of their life. WeRoad It’s not just about traveling and discovering, but above all about people and relationships.

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