Local Groups Still Request Refund From Florida Travel Agency | News

DeKalb County Superintendent Wayne Lyles provided an update Tuesday evening on pending litigation with Musical Destination Inc.

Musical Destination Inc., based in Winter Garden, Florida, helps school groups organize musical performances, arranges transportation, hotels, meals and other activities for groups of young people performing in one of its many sites, according to the company’s website.

Lyles said many DeKalb County school group programs had scheduled field trips when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and those events were called off.

“Several people have asked us to check [the refunds] so we are monitoring that, ”he said. “Several bands have made installments for field trips, one of them was in Washington DC. We are doing our best to try to find out what we can to help recover these deposits. “

Earlier this year, the St. Clair County School Board and the Springville Band Boosters announced their decision to file a lawsuit against Musical Destination and its owner Joseph Cooper.

According to the lawsuit, the parties are suing the travel agency for alleged breach of contract, fraud and unjust enrichment, as the company failed to issue a refund.

“I think the bankruptcy has been declared by the company or potentially has been declared, so we are monitoring that,” Lyles said. “One group requested a refund early enough and received a partial refund.”

At present, he said they are closely monitoring progress and what their options might be to help students recover their deposits.

• approved school financial statements / general fund bank reconciliation and local school fund balance, invoice and accounts

• approved the roof replacement offer for the gymnasium at Ider High School of Duro-Last and Willoughby Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc at $ 220,667.81

• approved the resignation of Haley Peek – itinerant special education paraprofessional – Crossville Elementary School (effective 10/29/21)

• approved the leave of Cheryl Wilborn – traveling school nurse – Plainview High School – 8-2-21-5 / 27/22 (extended from 10-25-21)

• approved the transfer of Brittany Gilbert from Roving Special Education Paraprofessional at Plainview High School to Business Teacher (10 months) at Valley Head High School (2021-308) (effective 10-18-21 ) and Brian Thomas – Deputy Superintendent to Chief of Staff (change of supplement and title) (2021-310) (effective 10-18-21)

• Approved Certified Placement (all placements are made pending a qualifying and negative background review, pre-employment screening, and appropriate certification): Ted Boyd – Mathematics Professor at Valley Head -station TEAMS (2021-304) -21)

• approved the following contracts: 21st Century Program Collinsville High School – Lorilyn Owen – site director, Jacquline Clanton – administrator of EZReports, Patsy Chambers – principal teacher, Blakely Appleton – teacher, Amy Garrett – teacher, Marlene Bryant – teacher, Elizabeth Haygood – teacher, Claire Chandler – teacher, Kim Osborn – teacher, Kaitlynn Williams – teacher, Bo Williams – teacher, Amber Whitton – teacher, Aubrey Traffanstedt – teacher, Holly Sparks – teacher, Amanda Smith – teacher, Allie Jones – teacher, Donna Jones – teacher, Kayla McAteer – teacher, Amy Robertson – teacher, Elizabeth Barrientos – teaching assistant, Dawn Price – bus driver, Randall Templeton – bus driver, Tracy Hulgan – bus driver, Brenna Williams – bus driver, Tom Clanton – Bus Driver, 21st Century Program Crossville Elementary School, April Hart – Site Director, Melissa Croft – a EZReports administrator, Tara Pickers – teacher, Tawnya Bobo – teacher, Daniel Bryant – teacher, Gina Davis – teacher, Mitzi H ughes – teacher, Teresa Matthews – teacher, Laura Smith – teacher, Brenda Smothers – teacher, Tammy Williams – teacher, Casey Denton – teacher, Stephanie Lacy – bus driver, Cristian Linares – student aide, Brenda Garcia – student aide, Franco ramos – student aide, day care support – Lindsey Cole – Valley Head High School, Austin Farmer – Valley Head High School, Josue Sontay – Valley Head High School, After School Literacy Camp Henagar Jr. High School, Taylor Gilbert – teacher, Avery Gipson – teacher, Carla Hamilton – teacher, Amanda Hayes – teacher, Misty McAllister – teacher, Ben Pickett – teacher , Jennifer Ridgeway – teacher, Amber Selwyn – teacher, Tammy Weaver – teacher, Michaela Young – teacher, After School Literacy Camp Ider High School – Sarah Culpepper – bus driver, Larry Tilley – bus driver, After School Literacy Camp Sylvania High School – Hannah Paddock – teacher, Robin Pair – teacher, Madison Stone – teacher, Tima Wilks – teacher, After School Literacy Camp Valley Head H High School – Rex Harrison – bus driver , Marisol Munoz – EL tutor – Crossville Middle School, Beverly Rusk – accountant – Crossville Middle School

• approved the following volunteer coaches: Paige Whitaker – cheerleading – Ider High School, Johnie Frost – art – Ider High School, Walter Watts – basketball – Valley Head High School, Jimmy Phillips – basketball – Valley Head High School, Charity Worthey – Basketball – Valley Head High School

• approved the following recommendations, comments and reports of the Superintendent:

– the authorization to place staff pending the approval of the board of directors.

– Superintendent Wayne Lyles announced that Mentone City Council has agreed to purchase the remainder of the USDA funded CNP equipment from Moonlake School.

• DeKalb County Board members have appointed Scott Suttle of St. Clair County as AASB District 6 Director.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 30, 2021 with a working session at 4.30 p.m. and a regular meeting at 5 p.m. in the meeting room of the Facilities Building.

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