Meet the Haitian-American Man Who Built a Successful Travel Company


Richard Cantave – Although there are many other travel agencies out there, I am proud of the level of service we provide to our customers as evidenced by our reviews and the incredibly high return rate from customers. When it comes to our offers, unlike many other companies our customers get up to 12 months of interest free installment payments to help make even our top tier trips much more affordable for everyone, we offer a wide range of Ultra-Luxury trips, trips like the South of France where you taste some of the best wines in the world, trips like our trip to the Maldives that demystify the idea that certain destinations are only for honeymooners because we offer them as a pure experience of relaxation and rejuvenation to rest.

Whenever we visit all these communities around the world, we do not use the big names in the tourist industry who pay low wages to the locals and most of their income is kept in western countries; we mostly hire locals directly and fuel their economy but on top of that we sometimes have leftover tips we invest in budding entrepreneurs in countries around the world through an organization called Kiva to help them realize their dreams.

Richard Cantave| Courtesy of Haitian Nomad

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