MeOnda (Tour & Travel Company) with Cab and Share-ride Booking is going to be the first product of ICBL Solutions Private Limited.


This service is going to start in Bihar and UP during the launch of the first phase on April 11, 2021 and will be implemented in the rest of India from the upcoming phases.

The founders noticed and realized that there is transportation problem to move around in this internet world in most of the small towns, villages and rural areas of India. Considering all these facts and situations, we have decided to venture into this field and serve them with the advantages of technology in the world of the Internet. We have extensive experience in the software industry to facilitate in these areas and overcome this transportation or commuting problem with our MeOnda service product.

The brand focused on streamlining the process to create a better tour and travel experience with taxi booking, carpooling, online tourism service with MeOnda Mobile apps at your fingertips (customers/passengers /CAB aggregator/individuals), especially for small towns, villages and rural areas in India. It provides a platform for cab aggregators to run their business by managing their vehicles, drivers, and ride deals. Their ride-sharing service reduces carbon emissions and makes commuting eco-friendly.

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ICBL is committed to 100% end-to-end solutions on all products and services as our company ICBL Solutions believes You grow, we grow.

Established in 2021, ICBL Solutions is a new IT services startup based in India. Our services range from product development, application management outsourcing, packaged application services, verification and testing, remote infrastructure management, product support to higher-end offerings. added value, including built platforms and product engineering services. We have opened our branch in Bengaluru and Patna in India. Our head office is located in Bangalore, India. We also have strong relationships in the US, UK and Sweden. We have a highly skilled global workforce in the United States and India.

Our portfolio of solutions and services includes services for infrastructure management, outsourcing, systems integration, IoT, application software development, IT consulting, IT security consulting, cloud computing, data science, big data analytics, industry-specific product implementation and support, quality assurance, and training. ICBL Solutions provides these services to several upcoming products that will be launched across the country. The products will be in advertisement like Tour & Travel with Cab Booking (MeOnda), GST Solution, Vehicle Tracking System (GPS), Single window of booking for Public Services and other public services.

ICBL Solutions aims to be the world’s most preferred business partner by ensuring that solutions are implemented in the shortest possible time, resulting in on-time delivery with the highest quality for our customers to find the best resources to help them achieve their goals. MAIN BUSINESS OBJECTIVES.

Raunak, Saurabh & Abhijit Founder of ICBL Solutions Private Limited (ICBL Solutions) & MeOnda Travelx Private Limited (MeOnda)

After working for many years in the software industry, they realized that something was missing, namely the direct technological benefits for the customer experience. Hence the idea of ​​allowing the customer to have a one-on-one relationship with a technological platform where everyone can find the vehicle required for their own use at their fingertips without the help of anyone, bringing the whole concept to life. original where they are involved at every stage of the process. Customers will have their own choice to get a vehicle according to their budget.

They truly believe that educating their customers is crucial. With an ever-growing customer base in small towns and rural areas, the idea of ​​bringing this experience to the modern world via the internet was born. This allows not only its local supporters to participate in this process, but anyone, anywhere in India. They believe that rural India has enormous talents with a lack of opportunities. Their vision is to provide opportunities for these talents where they come from. This will help them stabilize their finances and minimize migration to big cities. They mentioned, “We trained 31 new B. Tech & MCA students for free and also offered employment to a few of them who qualified our final interview at our software company, ICBL Solutions Private Limited for its first product. MeOnda officially known as MeOnda Travelx Private Limited(MeOnda).

Ideas are easy and implementation is difficult. The price is what you pay; Value is what you get. We do not currently plan to conquer the world. Timing and perseverance pay off. Know your product, your customer and have a burning desire to succeed. We compete with ourselves and thrive by delivering more than expected. You learn by doing and by falling, so we believe in Pain is always for gainin all aspects.

In line with this, riders who want a human touch can also book directly or call customer service. “We like to educate our customers, so together we discuss the different booking options to make the selection process easier.”

Most customers are so grateful that they send their feedback in comments to post on their Instagram page. At MeOnda, every customer is invited to ditch the traditional method and find that perfect, easy way to get their desired vehicle at their fingertips, i.e. MeOnda, which makes them feel proudly different. Book online today and take advantage of its services…!

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