Modernize Your Own Home: With These Loans You Finance Clever

The modernization of a property is expensive. For example, those who want to energetically modernize must often dig deep into their pockets. Other measures, such as cultivation, are also not cheap. For most modernizers, this means having to take out a loan.

Various types of loans are suitable for financing such projects. Today we present two loans that are our clear recommendation.


Funding via a classic real estate loan

Funding via a classic real estate loan

The best lending rate is when you take out a real estate loan. It is characterized by the fact that it is secured by a mortgage. In return attract very attractive conditions.

But the choice is not that easy. Which bank offers the right loan depends on numerous factors. Therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from independent experts. Interested parties should contact our consultants directly – a short and non-binding inquiry is enough! We are happy to check which modernization loan is most suitable.


Finance modernization by installment loan

Finance modernization by installment loan

A few years ago we would have advised against using installment credit for real estate financing. But since then a lot has happened on the market. Competition has sharpened significantly, leading to a decline in lending rates. At the same time, market rates have fallen anyway. As a result, it is currently possible to finance modernization projects also by installment loan on attractive terms.

At the interest rate, the installment loan does not approach a real estate loan. However, no collateral over land charges is required and overall borrowing can be faster. In addition, the installment loan is a good choice when there is a need for a smaller loan amount. Most real estate loans are only available from 50,000 euros, installment loans, however, already from about 2,000 euros.

To simplify the search, there is our loan calculator for modernization loans. Again, we are happy to assist in choosing the ideal loan.


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