New travel agency The Luminaire aims to make intellectual travel cool


Designed for the new traveler archetype, The Luminaire promises enriching experiences through culture, nature and art with internationally renowned experts as host.

“Our mission is to make intellectual travel cool, and we don’t see anyone else doing it,” says Adam Sebba, co-founder and CEO of The light. Created for curious minds, the luxury travel company launched in 2022 now offers personalized and educational travel experiences enriched with purpose and led by an expert in the field.

Spring trips with famed photojournalist Sir Don McCullin CBE, explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Venetian architect and historian Francesco da Mosto are already open for bookings. Through trips like these, The Luminaire aims to reinvent the concept of cultural and thought-provoking travel by engaging new perspectives on subject and place.

“We know the next generation has a strong passion for knowledge, expects and values ​​deep personalization, and has a wide range of eclectic interests,” says Sebba. “Currently, no one is offering substantial, accessible travel experiences to meet this need.”

Combining the luxury and educational travel sectors through bespoke experiences, The Luminaire will appeal to travelers of all ages with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to connect with places, cultures and history. of the whole world. The new offering will see guests traveling in the company of remarkable artists, explorers, naturalists, historians and archaeologists, among other specialists, with a lifetime of experience and captivating stories to tell.

Co-founder and CMO, Nicholas Priest, says, “We surveyed a group of people to understand how attitudes had changed and we were genuinely surprised at the magnitude of the change. For example, a high percentage of our respondents indicated that they now select a hotel based on the possibility of having stimulating experiences there. Another large group answered that being able to pass on passions to their children during the holidays was the most important element. However, no one responded that room design or a good spa, previously vital elements of a luxury stay, were relevant now.

“The pandemic has reinforced travel as the greatest luxury – you miss things and only realize their importance when you take them away,” he continues. “It reinforced a lot of people’s desire to improve; it’s a natural reaction to the soul-searching and isolation that many have experienced over the past two years. The pandemic has reinforced the fragility of life and the importance of making the most of our lives and having fulfilling experiences when we can. Now that Covid is receding, it’s time to move on and fulfill the deep dreams and needs of the past 24 months. The luminaire is placed exactly to meet this need. »

The lightThe maiden voyages of include experiencing the Venice Biennale with architect and historian Francesco da Mosto, collaborating with renowned photojournalist Sir Don McCullin CBE in the photographic exploration of Somerset, UK, and accompanying of Sir Ranulph Fiennes on a private trip to Antarctica.

In Venice, you will enjoy an immersive journey bringing you into contact with master craftsmen, restoring priceless treasures and works of art, many of which are buildings, frescoes or altarpieces. In Somerset, you have the unique opportunity to take private photography lessons with McCullin. And in Antarctica, you’ll get a glimpse of this fragile polar environment through the expertise of glaciologists, marine biologists, conservationists and adventurers, as well as Fiennes himself.

“There’s a new generation of travelers who, above other types of experiences, like an adventure or just a sandy beach, want to gain real, new perspectives on the world,” says Priest. “They don’t want to go to a place and know about it; they want to engage and immerse themselves in a story and come away with a feeling of permanent change after learning something.

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