Opinions About Quick Cash Loans in CFG Bank

The fast cash loan in CFG Bank is characterized by an attractive interest rate. The maximum loan amount is 120,000 zł. Formalities can be arranged during a single visit to the bank.

Credit limit
up to PLN 120,000 Time limit for repayment
up to 9 years Interest
from 8.5% Commission
from 0%

Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) is 14.10%, total loan amount (without credited costs) PLN 27 800, total amount to be paid PLN 38,743.70, fixed interest rate 8.50%, total loan cost PLN 10,943,70 (including: preparation fee PLN 100, commission PLN 3265.92, interest PLN 7 577.78), 62 monthly installments of PLN 614.98 and the last compensatory installment in the amount of PLN 614.94. The calculation was made on 02/10/2017 on a representative example. The granting of a loan depends on the result of the creditworthiness assessment. * Despite all efforts, the data may no longer be up to date report an error.


How long will it take to pay a CFG Bank?

How long will it take to pay a CFG Bank?

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Is it worth taking out a non-bank loan?

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