Prince Harry stars in a New Zealand advert for his travel agency Travalyst


Prince Harry showed off his acting skills in a TV advert in which he is accused of littering and Meghan’s nickname for him is heard.

Prince Harry confuses Australia and New Zealand in a new advertisement for his travel agency where he can show off his acting skills.

The royal, who is the father of 11-month-old baby Lilibet, wears a ‘Girl Dad’ t-shirt in the campaign for Travalyst – with the ad even making a sneaky dig at Meghan Markle’s nickname for the duke, has reported The sun.

In the clip, Harry, 37, is seen jogging in a park before Flight of the ConcThen comedian Rhys Darby chases after him, shouting “Harry! Haza! H!”

The nickname is Meghan’s nickname for Harry, with the Duchess often referring to the Duke of Sussex by the initial.

When Darby, as “rating agent”, finally catches up to sixth for the throne, he comments that he hasn’t shown up in a while.

“Did you know we invented jogging?” Darby said.

” The australians ? Harry replies, puzzled.

“No, Aotearoa – New Zealand.”

“Oh sorry,” said Harry. “I know you hate this. Kia Ora.

The five-minute advert, filmed in California on behalf of the nation, shows Harry being accused of littering during a trip to New Zealand in 2018.

The prince is unresponsive, with Darby then joking: “It may have been a confusing time, it was windy.”

Harry replies, “I don’t think it’s confusing. It was an amazing time. We had an amazing time in New Zealand. It’s nice.”

As the five-minute clip continues, the prince makes a number of Maori references, including the common greeting “kia ora” and “kei te pai”, meaning “I’m fine”.

The Duke, who looks healthy and cheerful during the advert, flexes his funny bone as he chats with the comedians.

At one point, Darby’s ratings agent tells him that his visit four years ago was only rated three out of 100 stars – before Darby reveals he was actually supposed to rate Harry Styles at the square.

The video aims to direct Kiwis to the Travalyst website, where they’ll find a vacation rating tool.

The royal launched the not-for-profit company in September 2019 with the aim of helping tourists make more sustainable choices when travelling.

In a statement, Prince Harry said: “In a world where we are tasked with assessing so much, we now ask: what if your destination assessed you?

“Starting with beautiful Aotearoa in New Zealand, we are kicking off our first campaign.

“There is a well-known Maori proverb: Ehara take toa I te toa takitahi, ēngari he toa takitini (success is not the work of one individual, but the work of many) – we invite you to be part of of our many. ”

Harry traveled to New Zealand in 2015, when he learned the traditional haka dance in just 20 minutes and recited a speech in Maori.

This story first appeared in The sun and is reproduced with permission.

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