Soul Life Travel, the # 1 Black and Women Owned Travel Agency in Costa Rica

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The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted a myriad of things in the way we live. Not only have we learned to value our personal spaces and our community solidarity, but we have put into perspective the way we travel and the value we place on freedom of movement.

Combined, these learnings made us more sensitive to the fair representation and authenticity of our experiences.

For Sadie Jordan and Emily Orgias, those life lessons came to fruition in Soul Life Travel, the first Black and Women owned travel agency in Costa Rica – the birthplace of Jordan’s mother (Jordan was born in the United States).

After years of providing travel advice to family and friends in the area, always trying to value the authenticity of the Caribbean, Jordan founded Soul Life Travel; Orgias joined her later as a travel specialist.

This agency combines their ten years of experience in the travel industry and their more than fifteen years as a personal globetrotter.

Soul Life travel offers unique and authentic trips that rival irresponsible tourism, which poses a growing threat to local culture, especially in Costa Rica.

“We believe that sustainable travel is both possible and essential, which is why we design exciting tours that highlight, without harming, the essence of the places you visit,” the founders explain on their website. “Our personal connection to the region not only enhances our expertise and commitment to the local community, but also motivates us to carefully design tours to suit all of your dream vacation desires.”

Like Jordan said Black Travel, there is a lot that people don’t know about the Afro-Caribbean culture of Costa Rica. With Soul Life Travel, the founders hope people will learn by researching and planning trips for them. Their goal is to bring people together around culture, wellness and adventure on the often forgotten Caribbean coast.

“I created Soul Life Travel to show blacks and browns our cultures. A lot of things connect us, whether it’s our cooking or the way our mom throws herself in the kitchen, and so many experiences, ”Jordan said.

Soul Life Travel offers many tours including “A Taste of Costa Rica”, “A Week in Costa Rica” and “Afro-Caribbean Costa Rica”.

“We want people to have a holistic view of the country and not follow the traditional travel circuit,” Sadie told Travel Noire. “It is essential for us to highlight the Caribbean coast because, historically, it has been outside the circuit of travel and tourism. We want to make sure that a lot of our money goes back to this area so that people can reinvest in their own businesses. “

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