The Biggest Travel Agency Myths and How to Fight Them


There are many myths and rumors about travel these days, especially about the role of the travel advisor (and why travelers should use them). People like to say that travel advisors are no longer helpful and it’s easy to plan a trip on your own. The internet has eliminated the need for advisers who simply book tickets and hotels.

Not so! Any traveler with a trip planned during the pandemic probably knows the value of professional travel planning these days and why travel counselors are so essential to the vacation experience.


Here are four of the biggest travel agency myths and how travel advisors can combat them in sales pitches to potential customers:

Travel counselors are a relic of the past

“Old school” and “obsolete” are terms that incorrectly describe the role of the travel consultant at this time. Travel counselors have learned to adapt to changing times and are more adept than ever at booking the vacations travelers most want to take.

In fact, travel consultant services are needed more than ever, especially with the changing future of the travel industry.

Travel Counselor Advice: Your services are not relics of the past. You are the expert in all travel categories, providing your customers with knowledge that a simple Google search cannot provide. Think of your services more like “adventure advice,” guiding customers at every turn of their booking journey. Use this language when communicating with potential clients to convey the value of your services.

Every travel consultant is the same

Another lie. There is a travel advisor for every type of trip, and many advisors these days specialize and become experts in specific types of travel in order to differentiate themselves.

Just like a customer, there is no “one size fits all” for a travel consultant. That’s why it’s important to match a client with a travel consultant who specializes in their specific vacation.

Advice for travel advisors: Take steps to differentiate your travel business. Which booking categories do you know best? Make it the center of your business and let your potential clients know – you’ll find your client matches in no time.

It’s cheaper and faster to plan it myself

Certainly a myth. Travel advisors have the upper hand when it comes to finding the best deals for a specific type of vacation. Their affiliations with travel networks, referrals and certifications allow them to plan a dream vacation for clients within their budget. Booking with a travel agent is really priceless.

Advice to travel advisors: Now is the perfect time to pass on your expertise! Explain to your client what credentials you have and the discounts they will receive by booking through you or themselves. While technology can help customers book on their own, your expertise is invaluable.

A family working with a travel consultant. (photo via South_agency/Getty images)

Customers have little or no control over their journey

It’s wrong. Travel advisor clients can be as active or as inactive as they want.

If a client has a specific vision in mind, it’s the job of the travel counselors to ensure that it is fully realized. The level of involvement a client has in planning their vacation is entirely up to them.

Advice for travel advisors: Make sure you capture your customer’s vision of the booking experience from day one of communication. Ask them to rate the level of their involvement wishes from 1 to 10 and plan their trip accordingly.

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