The Broke Travel Guide to Jaipur

Go natural at Anokhi Hand Printing Museum

Located in a breathtaking location haveli, this museum is dedicated to the revival and preservation of indigenous textiles and hand-printing techniques. With an entry fee of less than INR 50, you also have the opportunity to interact and watch live master craftsmen engaged in their craft. Plus, regular workshops and tours ensure this beautiful art form doesn’t get lost.

Eloquent Wax at Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort has seen a few experiential updates, the biggest being the Madhavendra Palace Sculpture Park. The first of its kind in India, the palace’s nine chambers (one for each queen) and courtyards are now dotted with contemporary installations from around the world. There’s no directory or recommended path, as you’re supposed to walk around the premises and discover each room amid the colorful frescoes. Most exhibits are rooted in strong socio-political thinking, and you can even to listen some a few meters away. The Jaipur Wax Museum and a modern Sheesh Mahal – with over 2.5 million mirrors, we heard – are other new entries.

Pick up iconic blue pottery

Be sure not to pass up an opportunity to purchase the exquisite blue pottery that Jaipur is famous for. You can always opt for smaller keepsakes like a doorknob or mug, rather than larger pieces. When shopping at Nehru Bazaar for these trinkets, also pay attention to jutis and leather goods. If Kota Doria fabrics and silver jewelry with gemstones are more your style, consider other bazaars like Johari and Tripolia and MI road.

Visit the Patrika Gate

Upon entering Jawahar Circle Garden, this quaint gate is sure to stop you in your tracks, and for good measure. So take your time here on the Rainbow Walkway and soak up the vibrant culture. Access is completely free to what is now billed as the Ninth Gate of Jaipur, added much later to the original Jaipur Wall and Eight City Gates.

Hang out by the Sagar Lake

Once in Amer, try to find Lake Sagar. Not the Man Sagar, but a 17th century tank beyond the Anokhi Museum. Most city guides won’t have heard of it, but Amer locals (and Google Maps) can point you in the right direction. The lake was once a crucial site, supplying water to connected forts and stepwells. Today it is a solitary picnic spot, where visitors stroll along the fortified border dotted with chatris (pavilions) and temples. We are told that Sagar now dries up in the summer. Depressing news, but it might make for a curious walk through his bed.

Treat yourself to Rajasthani dishes at Choki Dhani Resort

Food lovers, this is the place for you. Sample a variety of regional dishes at this resort renowned for its cultural dining experience. Order it thaliwhich is fit for kings or if you prefer something lighter, try snacks like dal baati choorma In place.

Having a cold in Lassiwala

Quench your thirst with thick and sweet lassi, a local drink similar to a sweet yogurt smoothie. This shop has earned its reputation by serving only the best of traditional earthenware glasses. The restaurant is quite popular and closes early in the day once supplies run out. So be sure to visit the shop well before the evening to avoid disappointment. Half glasses are priced at INR 35, and a full glass worth INR 70 is sure to satisfy.

Stop at Tapri Cafe for evening tea

Overlooking the city’s central park, this cafe is a popular hangout, and rightly so. Home to finger-licking good food at reasonable prices, it’s also home to plenty of menu items that are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Do not miss the Maggi varieties, the bun mask and varieties of tea. Hibiscus tea deserves its own mention.

Stay at Jaipur Jantar Hostel

Much appreciated for its cleanliness, this place is a paradise for backpackers and students. Large, airy rooms with gorgeous sit-outs among the trees would compel you to spend your time in the many common areas. Located in the city center, they also offer meals, free Wi-Fi and luggage storage.

Opt for comfort at the Sarang Palace Hotel

If you prefer the comfort of a hotel to dormitories, this is the best choice for you. Located close to most tourist attractions, the hotel combines old-world charm with comfort and amenities. Book a candlelight dinner if you have the chance and dine under the stars with your loved ones.

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