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Milan, the heart of fashion and finance in Italy, is located in its northern part. With a huge cultural heritage, gothic architecture and vibrant cosmopolitanism, Milan has always stood out from the rest of the country’s cities. With distinct vibes, a strong Swiss influence and a mix of old and new, Milan is a city like no other.

People who appreciate fashion, art, cuisine, culture and historical aspects of a country must have Milan on their to-do list. This article is an elaborate travel guide to Milan providing essential information that travelers should know. Discover the sophistication and elegance that Milan offers its visitors.

Why visit Milan?

Milan is the fashion capital of Europe that came straight out of the Renaissance, standing tall and firm. Everything about Milan is exemplary, whether it’s striking fashion, stellar architecture or breathtaking skyline. Once in Milan, visitors can enjoy the cultural profusion, authentic street food and natural vistas. It is a must-see city due to the following-

Milan is ruled by dictators like Napoleon and Austro-Hungarians. The autocracy of various rulers gave Milan a fascinating culture. Each historical period has contributed differently to Milan. Everything about Milan is spectacular, from ancient churches and palaces to Renaissance buildings and boulevards.

Milan is the largest metropolitan area in Italy. Also, it boasts of being the fourth largest economy among European cities after Paris, London and Madrid (2018). Apart from that, the beautiful skyline with Duomo spiers and modern buildings make it impressive.

Milan celebrates Fashion Week every year, hosting the city’s top fashion designers and models. It also hosts the furniture fair. Every eye-catching aesthetic beauty visiting Milan during these festivals makes the place worth visiting. Besides festivals and fairs, many galleries and museums also showcase the aesthetic richness of Milan. RELATED: Heading to Milan? Consider These Fancy Hotels First

Best time to visit Milan

The best season to visit Milan is from April to May and September to October when the weather is pleasant and travelers can enjoy and explore the city. Summers can be hot and winters cold. Thus, before planning the visit, it is necessary to make sure that the weather is favorable to stroll in the city or not.

If the traveler intends to visit Milan to see the Milan Furniture Fair, April is a suitable time as it lasts for a week in mid-April. Similarly, Milan Men’s Fashion Week takes place in January and Women’s Fashion Week in February, the Fall Festival. The spring or summer festival takes place every year in September.

This is when the hotels are packed and you may need to spend a few extra dollars on accommodation.

Travel-friendly and travel-unfriendly things about Milan

Travel friendly

  • Enjoyable Day Trips – Getting around the city and exploring easily accessible neighborhoods provide excellent day trips for visitors.
  • Incredible nightlife – With some of the best neighborhoods, Milan offers plenty of options when it comes to bars, clubs and restaurants, ensuring a relaxed nightlife.
  • Great City Center – The Duomo is the most beautiful when it comes to the city center, which makes the visit interesting.
  • Shopping shenanigans – One cannot miss shopping on the streets of the fashion capital. From the most economical to the most luxurious, you can find all types of goods there.

Unfriendly for travel

  • Offer less than others – While Milan has a lot for travelers, cities like Venice, Rome and Florence are far more interesting, with incredible sights to see and things to do.
  • Has a modern twist – People visiting Italy expect an image of ancient Rome, the canals of Venice and the rolling hills of Tuscany. However, Milan is modern with a European flair and can ruin people coming with certain expectations.
  • High prices – As the capital of fashion and business, Milan is expensive compared to other cities in Italy.
  • Weather- One cannot dare to visit Milan in summer and winter as the weather is extreme. No one visits a place just to stay inside!

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The best things to do in Milan

Once in Italy, whether for a day or a week, travelers shouldn’t miss some of Milan’s most notable spots.

Cathedral Duomo And Piazza Del Duomo

Located in the city center, the Duomo Cathedral and Piazza Del Duomo are must-see places in Milan. While the Duomo is the largest cathedral in the world, the Piazza is the most beautiful tourist site we have seen. Duomo took 600 years to build and can accommodate over 11,000 people. It is suggested to visit this place at night when the building is artistically illuminated. You can discover the whole city from the roof.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the bull mosaic

It is the most beautiful and oldest shopping center in Italy, with high-end housing boutiques, luxurious cafes and so on. One can witness the true lavishness of the city by visiting the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the Bull Mosaic. Those who don’t want to spend or buy luxury items can still visit it to witness the architectural magnificence. A little window shopping always makes the trip interesting.

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

Visitors can see Leonardo da Vinci’s world-famous painting The Last Supper in person. As the painting is not in very good condition, only 1000 visitors are allowed per day. Be sure to book tickets three months in advance on the official website, which often sell out quickly.

Novecento Museum

For art lovers, the Museo Del Novecento is the most important place to witness some of the best art from ancient Italian artists. With more than 400 pieces, the museum is devoted to ancient arts and drawings. However, a section is devoted to a few renowned international artists. The best part is that visiting the museum gives a good view of the Duomo.

Backpacking in Milan could be fun and interesting for travelers with different lifestyles, as it gives a glimpse of the ancient and the modern at the same time. Plan your trip to Milan in advance to get the most out of the expedition.

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