This travel agency will send you on a free volunteer trip

If your New Year’s resolution is to positively impact more people this year, this new contest might be the perfect solution.

Volunteer Solutions, the international volunteer placement organization with twelve years of experience connecting volunteers in over 27 different countries and hundreds of programs, offers one person the opportunity to enjoy two weeks of volunteering on the one of his programs. The problem? The destination and volunteering are a secret!


Participants can apply on Volunteering Solutions’ website; applications close January 23, 2022. Candidates can also apply by sharing an image on Instagram and explaining why they would like the opportunity to volunteer, tagging travel agency @volunteeringsolutions with the hashtag #VSsecretdestination. The winner will be contacted by email.

Destinations include places in Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and Europe, while volunteering focuses on conservation, children’s awareness and women’s empowerment. The trip will be for the summer of 2022; winner must cover costs such as necessary flights and visas or entry requirements.

Whichever program the winner ends up in, they will spend fourteen days in a life-changing experience, learning from both fellow volunteers and the people they impact.

Two women enjoy spending time with an Asian elephant while on a voluntourism mission. (photo via Volunteer Solutions)

“Solidarity is essential in today’s world, but even more so after the lasting effects of COVID-19 on people, their mental well-being, on businesses, health care groups and protection systems. social…” said Luni Chhochoon, director of Volunteering Solutions. “Volunteers have always played a vital role in building communities and supporting less privileged groups in our society.

“Now is not the time to stop or slow down these efforts, but rather to step up and help those most in need, most vulnerable and most affected by this pandemic. That’s why we really want to give someone the opportunity to do that – the opportunity to be part of making a real and lasting impact on a community. We recognize that not everyone is able to do this, which is why we are offering a 14-day program for free, to ensure that the feeling of connection and goodwill is available to everyone,” Chhochoon said. .

For more information or to find out how to apply, please Click here.

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