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So now we’re going to have a big argument over whether or not Governor Ron DeSantis was right to fly planes full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. I think it was, but some of my friends and my son Bernie Bro are very reticent about it. My dad must be in heaven laughing out loud watching me argue with my son, a virtuous liberal student. I did the same thing to him when I was the same age as my boy, God love him.

The basic objection seems to be that DeSantis made political pawns out of these people. My argument is that he and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are trying to impress upon liberal elites the cost of their easy compassion. It’s like that:

I would say that DeSantis made his point for exactly the reason identified by David Marcus: he made liberals realize, as they never have before, what their gratuitous compassion is really costing people like those who live in Del Río.

Do you remember that statement from the mayor of Washington, DC?

Governor Abbott honored Mayor Bowser’s desire to open the city’s arms to illegal migrants, shipping them to DC. But it turns out that for some reason the liberal politicians in DC don’t really want the illegals taking refuge there. This DC Council member once celebrated the city as a sanctuary:

But now? She complains that the governors of Texas and Arizona have turned the sanctuary city into a “frontier town”. Nadeau was thrilled to be a sanctuary city when it was cheap, but not now.

Greg Abbott did it again, this time at the home of VP Harris. Why? Again, to make an important point:

“Our supposed Border Czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, has yet to even visit the border to see firsthand the impact of the open border policies she helped implement,” said Abbott. said in a press release. “Texas will continue to send migrants to sanctuary cities like Washington, DC until President Biden and Border Czar Harris step in and do their job.”

“The border is secure,” Harris insisted. Meet the press host Chuck Todd in a recent interview.

Some critics say DeSantis and alia own the libraries at the expense of desperate human beings. Well, these desperate human beings are in much less danger of being dumped in a posh liberal resort than at any other time on their journey from their home country, in which they chose to break state laws. United to enter. There are many people near America’s borders who are tired of carrying the burden, financial and otherwise, of open illegal immigration. Nothing significant has been done to address the problem as long as this burden has been concentrated in a few border states. Now the governors of these states are trying something new to force the liberals to understand what they are dealing with. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

It’s a standard, well-founded conservative complaint that liberal elites support policies that give them a warm, fuzzy sense of virtue, while imposing the costs on others. “Equity” programs are like that. Rich and upper-middle-class white children always find a way to be cared for, while middle- and working-class white and Asian children (among others) find themselves excluded from jobs and teaching positions, so that liberal elites can feel good about themselves. Throughout my time working in newspapers, I’ve seen a lot of liberal white senior executives swooning over “diversity” initiatives that seek to hire people based on skin color, but I don’t ve never seen one of these benefactor white liberals resign to offer their job to a person of color. This is the kind of thing conservatives hate.

As I’ve said in this space before, when I lived in Dallas, the city, like the entire state, received a wave of illegal migrants. The cost to public schools and the public health system was enormous. Liberal benefactors who welcomed all migrants saw them as opportunities for remarkable compassion, as well as a source of cheap labor. These liberals failed to see all the poor and working class people – white, black and Latino – in the region who had to pay the direct cost of a large influx of illegals, by having public schools flooded with children who did not speak English, and which therefore delayed the education of indigenous children, and to have public hospitals overwhelmed by illegal migrants seeking health care.

And then there is the crime, and the devaluation of property in the neighborhoods where the migrants are settling en masse. In 2003, shortly after arriving in Dallas, I went to the inner suburbs of Irving to speak to neighbors — including a man who had immigrated legally from Mexico decades earlier — who were losing their quiet family neighborhood to of houses. filled with Latin American male workers, renting from absentee landlords. I went to the Irving city code inspector’s office to find out why the city inspectors were allowing this to happen. They were not interested in doing inspections outside office hours. If the illegal number of tenants stayed away from the house during office hours, everything was fine. This local man I spoke to said that when he came home from work and saw the SWAT team blocking off the street to fix a problem in this house, he decided it was time to sell his house and get his family out of there. The local government, he correctly concluded, had no interest in solving this problem, and neither did the federal government.

So to those who say conservatives like DeSantis treat illegal migrants as political pawns, I say liberal benefactors do the same, when they refuse to address the very real costs of mass illegal migration. I am grateful that these Red State Governors are giving the brave people of Martha’s Vineyard a chance to show their compassion and increase the diversity of their enclave, because as we know, diversity is our strength. Why would Del Rio, Texas have a monopoly on virtue?

UPDATE: Originally from Arizona, Meghan McCain:

The most elite and isolated parts of the country now face the problems that citizens and politicians in the border state have faced daily for years.

It was too easy for the left to dismiss Americans’ border warnings as racists and bigots.

Lapdog’s mainstream media were only too happy to accept this dangerous and dishonest narrative.

Remember when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a tearful photo op outside a migrant detention center in Texas?

Where is she now?

The problem only got worse.

Of course, this question was never about racism or bigotry.

It’s always about soft and utopian policies that cause more suffering.

It takes real courage to do the right thing and that’s a secure border and controlled immigration.

Anyone who has ever lived in a border state, like me, is acutely aware of the dangerousness and inhumanity of our system.

Pregnant women die in the desert trying to cross the border, immigrants drown trying to swim across the Rio Grande, busloads of immigrants cook to death in extreme heat as they are smuggled in tractor-trailers.

There is drug trafficking, human trafficking, sexual abuse and murder.

UPDATE.2: Ok – if this really happened, it’s wrong and shameful.

UPDATE.3: They’ve moved past the “kids in cages” thing and now say shipping illegal migrants to one of America’s poshest cities is like the Holocaust:


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