Travel agency video claims Buffalo is the worst city


Buffalo, New York is not everyone’s favorite place. But if you grew up here, worked here, and raised a family here in the Buffalo area, you know the secret that most outsiders miss. We’re more than a town along Lake Erie with a popular football team and wings. Buffalo is all about the people. The name “City of Good Neighbors” is more than just a cliché marketing term for the Chamber of Commerce. It’s a way of life for us.

In a video posted this week on YouTube channel 601 Travels, the argument is made that Buffalo is one of the worst cities in the United States.

As you can already guess, the snow we occasionally receive is part of the list. Even though we’ve had fairly mild winters in recent years, foreigners think we have blizzards all the time!

The video goes on to call out our closeness to New York and for some reason claims that we are hostile to transplants. I think we are one of the most welcoming. UNLESS you are a fan of the New England Patriots.

I can’t disagree with the high tax issue mentioned in the video. We get spanked with ridiculously high taxes here. But that’s the case for most of New York State.

While most of the reasons not to live in Buffalo featured in this video can apply to any city, 601 Travels has released a video explaining why Buffalo is a great place to visit.

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