Travel guide for summer vacation: from Thailand to Paris; 10 international destinations for the summer season that will suit your vacation style


It’s summer and travelers are ready to go on vacation after more than two years at home. With the international skies now open, it seems like the best time for Indians to take their dream vacation. Whether it’s a “dreamcation”, “staycation” or “wellcation”, if the desire to travel this summer exceeds one’s finances, service providers TNPL (travel now, pay later ) make immediate vacancies possible. Checking out the summer vacation mood! 5 reasons why every beach lover should choose Seychelles beaches to beat the heat.

Travel bookings have always been stressful for travelers, especially for big-ticket trips where the full amount is paid up front for a vacation. Following the pandemic outbreak, travelers are planning shorter trips closer to their departure date rather than months in advance. This further aggravates their financial situation. However, by using the “travel now, pay later” option available at travel agency outlets, travelers can pay over time and enjoy vacations they never thought possible. Considering the ease of purchase, many international destinations are gaining popularity in the summer of 2022:

1. Thailand

Why settle for Goa when you can relax on a Thai beach? Travelers choose Thailand for its tranquility and thrills after the Thai government lifted restrictions and had the advantage of being able to reimburse the trip over three to six months. It’s no surprise that Thailand always tops the list of travel destinations. Additionally, Thailand’s vibrant nightlife attracts partygoers from all over the world.


This summer, the popular honeymoon destination for Indians is no longer just visited by honeymooners. Besides being a popular destination for water sports and beaches, the Maldives is also a paradise for seafood lovers.

3. Iceland

While Kashmir and Himachal have their own distinct charms, why pass up the opportunity to experience Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls and glacial lagoons when you can spread the cost? Previously seen as only for high net worth visitors, the destination is now seeing an increase in bookings from non-high net worth visitors as well.

4. Norway

This summer, Scandinavia, especially Norway, is gaining popularity as a tourist destination for Indians. Much of the appeal stems from the diverse landscape of forests, mountains, fjords and fields, which are a visual treat. Plus, their mouth-watering seafood, fresh vegetables, and organic dairy products are popular with restaurants around the world.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia, a melting pot of Asian cultures, ethnicities and languages, is the most sought-after destination in Southeast Asia this year, behind Thailand. Malaysia is carving out a place among the Asians this season with pocket packages made even more affordable by TNPL.

6. Switzerland

Bookings made through TNPL have increased the appeal of this chic tourist destination in 2022. Switzerland has breathtaking scenery, a plethora of cultural experiences and a plethora of tourism opportunities.

7. Indonesia

Bali is finally open for business after a long wait. With unrivaled scenic beauty and pristine beaches, as well as low prices, it’s the next dream destination for anyone who has yet to travel abroad. Plus, the annual Bali Arts Festival and Kite Festival, held in June and July, has elevated it to the top of the list for most first-time visitors to Southeast Asia.

8. Greece

Travelers planning their first trip to Europe this year are booking to Greece through the TNPL service. Besides the delicious cuisine, Greece’s pristine beaches and Greek mythology make it an irresistible summer travel destination.

9. Italy

Whether it’s the wonderful theatrical performances, art and heritage, or the welcoming nature of the locals, Italy is gradually becoming a must-visit destination for tourists this year.


This summer, visitors can’t wait to sample vintage wines and delectable cheeses right in the heart of the city of love! For most tourists, discovering all that is spectacular in the French metropolis is a dream come true. With so many couples visiting Paris this season, “travel now, pay later” bookings have hit an all-time high for the city.

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