Travel Guide: Where to buy a SIM card to travel in Thailand 2022


You have finally landed in Thailand after the hiccup caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. You can’t wait to travel again or call Thailand your new home. You take your phone to call a taxi, but wait, you don’t want to activate roaming and you can’t connect to WiFi. What to do?

Buying a Thai SIM card with a Thai phone number is easy. All major mobile network service providers in the country offer special offers especially for travellers. All you will need is an unlocked phone, a wad of baht and your passport. To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve created a guide to phone providers in Thailand.

Who are the providers?
There are three main providers in Thailand: AIS, DTAC and True movement. The three companies will offer many packages, including short-term SIM cards for travelers called Tourist or Traveler SIM cards. There will also be packages for those who will be here long term, either pre or post paid. Whichever provider you choose, we recommend that you install their app on your phone so that you can easily top up, manage your data usage and receive special promotions.

Disclaimer: Pricing and plans are subject to change. We recommend readers go directly to the provider’s website for up-to-date offers and information.

If you’re going to be staying here long term, AIS has plenty of options. For users who want to take advantage of 5G, plans start at 699 baht per month. This includes a data limit of 50 GB at a speed of 1 Gbps. It also includes 50 minutes of talk time and free calls between AIS users. They also have another plan, costing 899 baht per month, which includes 80 GB of internet access and 70 minutes of talk time.

Of course, there are more options to choose from for paid users, with prices starting at 1,199 baht per month. The most expensive option will cost you 1,999 baht per month. The main difference is the minute limit, but you’ll also get unlimited 5G internet access.

For short-term SIM cards for travelers, AIS offers 4 packages: pay-as-you-go for 49 baht, an 8-day package for 299 baht, a 15-day package for 599 baht and a 30-day package for 1 290 baht. What you get is the same across the board. International calls will cost 1 baht per minute.

Postpaid plans at True Move start at 299 baht per month, with 100 minutes of talk time and 1.5 GB of data, but unfortunately that’s the slowest, as in megabytes, not gigabytes, per second. 349 baht per month gets you more data at 20GB, and it’s also a lot faster, but talk time is stuck at 100 minutes. 399 baht per month upgrades to 30 GB of internet while the speed is the same as the previous plan, while talk time more than triples to 350 minutes.

There are three packages for short-term visitors. The starter SIM card costs 49 baht and you will need to add minutes and data later. The 299 baht plan will last you 8 days with 15 GB of data. Traveling to Thailand for two weeks? The 599 baht plan will last 15 days with 30 GB of data.

Post-paid monthly plans start at 349 baht and include 20 GB of data and 100 minutes. There are two 449 baht plan options, the difference being a choice of 30GB or 40GB and 200 or 300 minutes. For 699 baht, you’ll get 50 GB of data and 80 minutes, while 899 baht will get you an additional 20 GB of data and 20 minutes of talk time.

Falling into the expensive category, plans start from 1,099 baht per month for unlimited data usage. This is followed by plans of 1,499 baht, 1,999 baht and 2,199 baht per month. Each plan gives users unlimited data, the only difference being minute limitations. The most expensive option offers both unlimited internet and minutes.

A short-term, or tourist, SIM card starts at 149 baht for 4 days, with unlimited data at a maximum speed of 5 Gbps. This followed plans costing 299 baht for 8 days and 599 baht for 15 days. There is also a pay-as-you-go option, which costs just 49 baht per SIM card.

Where do I get the SIM card?
In most cases, getting a SIM card will require your passport, as most carriers activate the SIM card under your name, as shown on your passport and passport number.

If you are only in Thailand for a short vacation, buying a temporary plan at the airport is probably the best choice. Currently, you can find pop-up SIM card booths at Suvarnabhumi Airport on the inside from the baggage claim area. Here you can get tourist offers including Internet, minutes and SMS for short periods.

These cabins used to be located outside in the arrivals hall after exiting baggage claim. But due to the hall used to accommodate Test & Go program arrivals, all stalls that were located on the ground floor near the entrance have since been closed and only some businesses have moved inside the area. baggage claim. .

The potential problem with this is that you won’t be able to buy a SIM card if you don’t already have Thai baht on you or if you can’t find a currency exchange at once in baggage claim. So be sure to visit your local bank to exchange your local currency for at least a few thousand baht before traveling here.

For longer stays, whether it’s an extended vacation or you plan to live here, it’s best to buy your pass directly from an operator’s official store. You will find a range of plans that will meet your requirements at a better cost. Visit their websites here: AIS, DTAC and True movement.

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