TravelTank, Nigeria’s Most Innovative Online Travel Agency Turns 1 Year


This month, TravelTank, one of the top online travel agencies in Nigeria, celebrates its first anniversary. The company has built a stellar reputation in just one year for providing Nigerians with a vast selection of online travel products.

Since launching in 2021, tech travel agency TravelTank has been on a mission to make travel planning and booking fast, fun and affordable using technology. Created on September 16e 2021, the company contributes to the tourism environment by making travel opportunities accessible to everyone.

In a bid to further establish its participation and contributions to the Nigerian travel ecosystem, the company celebrated its 1st birthday by organizing a Webinar Series Friday, September 16e 2022 titled, TravelTank @1: Revitalizing the post-covid online travel experience.

Mr. Charles C. Chukwujekwe, CEO of Travel Quest Limited, Mrs. Annabel Bonney, Founder of Travevo travel & migration and Travevo properties, Oluwabunmi Abe Founder of EasyTravelsConnect, Tochi Margaret Umezinwa is the Director of Fly up Travel and Tours Limited and Henry Tugbiyele, Founder and CEO of Expatico, and Yemi Smith, CEO of TravelTank, were part of the webinar panel to lead conversations around inspiring post-covid travel solutions in Nigeria and around the world.

While speaking on overcoming past challenges in the tourism industry, Expatico Founder and CEO Henry Tugbiyele said, “One thing we cannot take away is that humans need travel. There must be movement. Before the pandemic, local tourism was not in the spotlight and during the pandemic, this part of tourism suffered”. According to Tugbiyele, the travel industry needs to refocus on home first, in his own words, “There needs to be provisions to get people to appreciate Nigeria as a destination.” Charles Chukwujekwe substantiated this point by saying, “we cannot make local tourism a reality without serious government input. Covid-19 has exposed us to many uncertainties and if we focus our attention on local tourism, we will reduce the currency problem we are struggling with today”.

Mr. Smith, CEO of TravelTank contributed: “Partnership is definitely key. We need to develop strong partnerships among ourselves. Yes, we need help from the government, but at the same time, we as travel agents need to look inward and develop partnerships with each other to allow inbound tourism to grow and prosper. Many of us are remote and in different regions, so it will take value-based collaboration for local tourism to really flourish in the country.”

In its first year, TravelTank’s business growth expanded exponentially. From 5 homing sharks to over 20 hungry homing sharks. From less than 7 flight bookings in September 2021 to over 10,000 bookings to date, as well as an increase in its affiliate member base from 20 to over 278 to date.

“It was an incredible ride, and we’re thrilled our customers are enjoying our online offerings,” Mr. Smith said. “Our company views the occasion of our first anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on the lessons we have learned as a whole and to reaffirm our vision for the online travel industry for the year ahead and beyond” , did he declare.

Expanding from independent flight booking services in early 2022 to providing other additional travel services to its ever-growing customer base, TravelTank now connects its affiliate members to other value-added travel services, enabling more and more small business units within the travel industry.

“Across Nigeria, we have partnered with wonderful travel agents. Although it has at times been difficult with an uncertain economy, particularly due to the pandemic, our goal has always been to provide our affiliates with access to a wide range of online travel products with impressive rates,” said the Head of Affiliates at TravelTank.

As indicative of TravelTank’s anniversary theme, “Sailing the Horizons”, the online travel agency envisions a world in which travel consumers can quickly research, plan and book their trip using the power of technological innovation while saving time and money. TravelTank’s universal goal is to ensure everyone enjoys a seamless travel experience by using its cutting-edge technology platforms to lead the country’s transition to sustainable online travel.

“Today marks a very important day for TravelTank. There is so much more to come – this is just the beginning,” Mr Smith summed up.

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