Trinidad and Tobago lifts ski lift pass system


The government of Trinidad and Tobago announced on Wednesday that it would be lifting, starting June 1, the coronavirus (COVID-19) travel pass system for people entering the country.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, speaking at the Health Ministry’s virtual press conference, said COVID-19 cases have plateaued at around 200 cases per day, and are based on international, regional and local data, there has been a weakening of the acute phase of the virus.

“We are seeing a decline in this acute phase of the pandemic. But please note that the pandemic is still with us. Effective Wednesday June 1, 2022, I am authorized by the Prime Minister to tell the country, especially those who travel, that the TT Travel Pass system will be phased out.

“This means that unvaccinated nationals and non-nationals can enter Trinidad and Tobago, so you don’t have to prove your vaccination status. However, you must provide either a negative PCR or an antigen test (performed) 48 hours prior to entry.

“In the absence of a test, that individual will be asked to go into state-monitored quarantine at their own expense and provide a negative PCR or antigen at any time during their quarantine period as a condition of release before returning home. her,” Deyalsingh told reporters.

He said other health restrictions such as mask-wearing, social distancing and hand-washing remain in effect.

“All other measures remain in place, for example: masking. We continue to ask people to follow public health guidelines, especially regarding masking. »

Trinidad and Tobago has recorded 3,897 deaths and 159,676 infections since the first case was recorded in March 2020.

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