U.S. travel agency airfare sales up 69% in July year-over-year


Airline reporting company. (ARC) found that air ticket sales from ARC-accredited travel agencies totaled $6.8 billion in July 2022, a 69% increase from July 2021.

ARC data comes from more than 10,500 agencies across the United States. The average round-trip airfare for domestic travel was $555 in July, up 21% year-over-year but 8% cheaper than June 2022, which shows that flight prices are falling.


Yet even with the price drop, travelers are slowing down as we begin to enter “shoulder season,” which typically begins when kids begin to return to school. From June to July, total sales decreased 13%, passenger travel decreased 8%, domestic travel decreased 6%, and international travel decreased 10%.

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Compared to last year, international travel in July increased by 50%, with a total number of passenger trips of 19.9 million, an increase of 18%. US domestic travel increased 6% from July 2021.

“We’re seeing the average monthly ticket price drop earlier in the year than usual,” said Steve Solomon, chief commercial officer at ARC. “As for the rest of the year, we expect a continued increase in business travel as the summer vacation season draws to a close.”

Compared to 2019, now considered a benchmark for pre-pandemic economic health, total sales in July 2022 were only $1.2 billion less than in July 2019. The prior month, however, the total sales exceeded the 2019 level, at $7.9 billion compared to $7.8 billion in sales in June 2019.

As sales continue to approach pre-pandemic levels, total passenger travel is still lagging behind, demonstrating that rising ticket prices are fueling an economic recovery, even if travelers are not traveling. not quite at the same rates as before the pandemic. Passenger trips totaled 19.9 million in July 2022; in 2019, they amounted to 25 million.

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