US-based Gambian launches Hajj & Umrah travel agency in Gambia


Mr. Jammeh, who studied Islam in a recognized university in Medina, Saudi Arabia, also owns a travel agency in the United States of America (USA) named: “American Foundation Hajj and Umrah” which has been recognized and certified by Saudi Arabia. Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

In an exclusive interview with Point, Jammeh said: “The travel agency I started in the United States is recognized by the Saudi government. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj granted the company a license to operate Hajj and Umrah in the United States.

His travel company in the United States, he added, had principles in the way they do their work, which earned them recognition in the United States, saying: “We have been recognized because of the enormous work that we do. We decided to open another branch in Gambia with the aim of helping Gambians.

“With the level of our experience in air travel ticketing globally and including Hajj and Umrah service, our company will do everything possible to ensure that Gambians who choose my company for their travel needs enjoy all their rights, etc. Therefore, I would like to urge all Gambians to come forward and buy air tickets from our office.”

“We have experience in Hajj and Umrah for more than three decades. It is because of our experience and the trust that our clients place in us, which is why many people have approached us to bring this business to the country to help Gambians as well. We have good contacts with the Saudi government.

Mr. Jammeh recalled that over the past few years, his company has been involved in nation building as it has donated bags of cement, among other materials, to needy people in the country. “We will replicate the good work we are doing in Saudi Arabia and the United States in the country. I can assure you that we will make Hajj and Umrah convenient and accessible to all Gambians in a way that has never happened in the country.

“What is more important is that we work together as Gambians and participate in the development of the country so that we can help our people. Therefore, I urge Gambians to come and buy tickets with us so that they can perform their Hajj and Umrah easily without encountering any difficulties. I have extensive experience in this field and am committed to making it easy for Gambians. »

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