Well-known travel agency launches exclusive access to NFT offer


Founded in 2017, AlmsTravel has become a recognized travel agency with accreditations by AIC and IDA. Now they are expanding their offering by introducing an NFT travel subscription, providing holders with exclusive and exceptional discounts, similar to those enjoyed by industry insiders and employees.

Launching in the fall of 2022, their new tokenized website will only be accessible to NFT holders. Here, members will find the same flights, trips and experiences as traditional customers. However, they will only pay a fraction of the price.

When opening the Web3 version of the AlmsTravel website, NFT holders can access products and services including flights, car rentals, hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, private estates, excursions, cruises, train travel, bus tickets and much more. The diverse nature of the products on offer shows how much more than an NFT for travel. Many wielders will be able to reap the rewards with daily use.

To help NFT and crypto holders in their quest for amazing discounts, AlmsTravel offers a range of flexible and convenient payment methods. Users have options like Klarna, Affirm, and AfterPay, if they want to convert their crypto to fiat currency.

Initially, AlmsTravel was created as a fundraising vehicle for sister charity, AlmsKarma, with a portion of all sales being donated. They support a culture of “paying it forward”, true to their name – the word “alms” meaning giving to those in need. It is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to provide basic human needs, including food, clothing, health care, and education. They genuinely care about people’s well-being and believe their NFT holders will feel the same way.

To date, they have partnered with Disney, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, Caribbean Cruise Lines, Sandals Resorts, Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and many more. The vision is for the Travel NFT project to add fundraising capabilities while providing holders with unique travel opportunities.

As an accredited travel agency, AlmsTravel offers secure transactions, with all reservations guaranteed. Their processes have been professionally verified and approved for quality, so that customers receive top-notch service. And the good news is that the same level of accountability will apply to their NFT offering.

The Lead Developer told us, “As with our traditional travel bookings, all NFT holders will enjoy the protection of our ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) and IATA (International Air Transport Accreditation) membership. NFTs will be built on Ethereum with a limited supply – a number we have yet to decide. Overall, our mission is to provide a proven and durable travel platform that supports both traditional and decentralized finance.

The introduction of a new NFT project shows AlmsTravel’s commitment to establishing itself as a leader in the travel industry, providing modern solutions and opportunities for travel enthusiasts and NFT investors. As early adopters of blockchain technology, they will bring unbeatable prizes to people who buy into their goals and support the project for the long term.

If an exclusive travel NFT club sounds appealing to you, keep your eyes peeled this fall. For more frequent updates, progress and first-hand content, follow @AlmsTravelNFT on Twitter. Here you will hear about the project roadmap and the many other additional benefits that AlmsTravel will be announcing soon.

Otherwise, if you have any questions, [email protected] is the place to go for detailed information and direct answers.

About AlmsTravel

At AlmsTravel, our mission is to intentionally connect millions of travelers to charitable causes and great fares. We achieve this by offering exclusive discounted prices on travel accommodations, which in turn allows some of the potential savings to be directed towards donations. Our goal is to create a community of travelers who travel the world with purpose while supporting charitable causes. Shaping the world into a place that makes giving a part of everyday travel transactions.

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