You Can’t Teleport While Carrying Resources Explained



For those looking to survive a harsh world as a vampire, easy access to resources can make your life easier, as can fast travel. However, the two don’t mix well in the game. If you’re wondering about the teleport mechanic, this V Rising Fast Travel Guide has all the answers you need.

How to teleport in V Rising

Teleporting in V Rising allows players to travel great distances and save valuable time, and it’s a simple process. Once you locate a Vampire Waygate, you can interact with it and choose your destination. You don’t even have to interact with a Waygate to add it to the playlist, just make sure you’re close enough and it will become active.

However, if you think this will allow you to easily create the undead castle of your dreams by quickly transporting valuable resources back and forth, then you’re about to have a rude awakening.

V Rising – You cannot teleport while carrying resources

Image source: Stunlock Studios

As part of the game design, players cannot teleport using Vampire Waygates while carrying resources. This will likely discourage prolonged farming and test your mettle when it comes to surviving the dangerous ride home. Of course, weapons and equipment can still pass, but if you’re carrying resources like wood, stone, animal hides, etc., the teleport mechanic is of no use.

This is essential if you’re playing on a PvP server, as Vampire Waygates won’t work as a haven if you want to escape hunters hoping to profit from your hard work.

Now that you have been warned, I hope this V Rising Fast Travel Guide will help you save time and your life during your adventures in nature. For more, be sure to search emagtrends for more game tips and information.

Featured Image Source: Stunlock Studios

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