Your ultimate travel guide to visit Paris

  • Paris is the City of Light, a destination steeped in style, culture, history and romance.
  • Insider has created a travel Guide for the best places to go, stay and eat in Paris.

Paris is one of the most fascinating cities in the world with iconic monuments, picturesque views, charming neighborhoods and gastronomic delights. Paris is teeming with so much culture that visitors often describe the city as a living museum.

If the tourist experiences in Paris are pleasant in themselves (see: stroll along the Seine or stroll in a river boat), we prefer to stroll more methodically in the charming districts of the city. Because when you get to know the arrondissements of Paris, which you can think of as individual neighborhoods with distinctive atmospheres, you will understand Paris for its more distinguished ethics.

But crossing the City of Lights can be overwhelming, even for experienced travelers. With Insider’s guide, you’ll leave Paris with a well-developed idea of ​​what the city and its people have to offer beyond the average first experience.

What to know during a trip to Paris

→ Where to stay in Paris

→ Where to eat in Paris

What to do in Paris

→ Important tips for visiting Paris

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