Youth Travel Company Launches Remote Work Product


Global’s first remote trip is scheduled for Costa Rica over four weeks in April and May, with the second departing in September, and the company plans to roll out additional remote destinations throughout 2022.

One of the world leaders world of youth and travel brands have tapped into the growing remote work movement by giving business travelers and entrepreneurs the chance to discover and explore exotic destinations, while earning money on the go.

Australia-based Global Work & Travel has launched a remote work product that allows avid travelers to work during the day in another country and then experience the culture and nightlife after hours.

Global’s first remote trip is scheduled for Costa Rica over four weeks in April and May, with the second departing in September, and the company plans to roll out additional remote destinations throughout 2022.

CEO and co-founder of Global Work & Travel, Jurgen Himmelmann – three-time winner of Business News Australia Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Professional Services – says the decision to offer remote work opportunities to travelers was driven purely by demand.

In recent years, and thanks mainly to the COVID-19 crisis, remote working has become a way of life for many people and it has become the “new normal” for an increasingly large segment of the business community. workers, and for entrepreneurs of course.said Mr. Himmelmann.

The beauty of this new travel experience is that you can do your normal work for the week, while taking care of your clients or your employer at the highest level, but at the end of the day, swapping your downtown apartment- city ​​or your suburban home against a destination abroad. waiting to be explored.

“Travelers can spend their day in a specialized remote workspace with like-minded digital nomads, then time and experience culture in a whole new part of the world. No annual leave is required.

“They can turn their workday into a memorable experience with the ability to collaborate and network with like-minded professionals armed with a laptop and Wi-Fi.

Remote and work-from-home (WFH) job postings, including those offering “permanent” work, have nearly doubled in the past nine months, according to research by data analytics firm The Purpose Bureau . It found that job postings offering temporary and permanent remote and telecommuting options increased by 95% from March 1 to December 31, 2021.

This remote work trend is not only here to stay, it is growing exponentially. What if you could do your work remotely while exploring the world? And possibly collaborating with like-minded “faraways” who love to travel and experience a new culturesaid Mr. Himmelmann.

And unlike working remotely from home, you’ll have the opportunity to open up your personal network to a whole new group of professionals from around the world..”

On the Costa Rica trip, remote working travelers will spend a week in a different city and hotel during each of the four weeks. During the day, they will have the opportunity to work in comfortable accommodation with strong Wi-Fi in the room and will have the possibility of using a large communal workspace. They will also have the opportunity to explore Costa Rica with experiences such as learning to surf, exploring the country’s coast and interior jungle, bathing in volcanic hot springs, conserving sea ​​turtles and a visit to a sloth sanctuary.

The idea for the concept of a remote travel package was born out of a need to bring together senior management from Global Work & Travel from Australia, the UK and Canada during the global pandemic restrictions. Costa Rica had few entry requirements and provided the basis for us to spend six weeks in April 2021 planning our exit from the pandemicsaid Mr. Himmelmann.

We pretty much did what we suggest on the Costa Rica trip. We spent a week in different destinations, working remotely and enjoying the local culture and hospitality.

“Local tourism in Costa Rica has been devastated by Covid and we also saw this as an opportunity to create something that would drive visitor traffic back to those people who really looked after us during our stay..”

Possible future destinations for the remote work product include Europe and Asia with several locations under consideration.

Global Work & Travel has also recently launched its “Study” product which addresses the growing market of learning and self-improvement while travelling.

The company hopes to expand its customer base from a predominantly younger demographic, launching 13 international packages under its Study division for travelers between the ages of 18 and 85.

Trips include learning Japanese in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka; Spanish in Valencia and Costa Rica; Italian in Bologna; tango and photography (separately) in Buenos Aires; make coffee and cook (separately) in Florence; and two separate marine science and diving courses in False Bay, South Africa.

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